Stainless Steel Dumpling Cutter and Mold Set

1020 Reviews

Stainless Steel Dumpling Cutter and Mold Set

819 Reviews


✔️EXPERIENCE THE BEST QUALITY DUMPLING & DUMPLING MAKER: Reflects strength, quality and functionality demanded by chefs around the world. Whether its beauty in the high quality mirror-polishing 18/8 stainless steel or extra large diameter 4 Inch and 4.5 inch (not including two handles), special sand blasting on the back side.
✔️DURABILITY & SAFETY: Nerver compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to your kitchen gadgets. This dumpling maker has a unique and elegant high quality mirror-polishing. Constructed of high quality 18/8 stainless steel which is heavy duty and last a long life without any corrosion, it won't rust, bend, break or weaken.
✔️USE WITH EASE: Perfect longer handles to allow even clumsy fingers to hold tight, the dumpling cutter belongs to every person’s kitchen regardless of culinary skill. The edge outside is sharp enough to cut out the needed volume of dough easily. Put the dough on the upper side, slightly press down. Then you can add the filling and close the mould. For safe closing you can brush the rim with egg yolk.
✔️INNOVATION AND REFINEMENT: This Dumpling mould makes kitchen more efficient and enjoyable. Finish a perfect packet, Dumpling Pie, pierogi, Ravioli, pot sticker and more with just 2 moves. Stop using all those ravioli molds that made from silicone or BPA-infested plastic to touch your food ever again. All of our dumpling moulds are crafted from durable, one-piece dishwasher-safe 18/8 food grade stainless steel. You don't have to worry about your food safety issue anymore.
    • ★ Use fresh pasta dough and your favorite fillings to create homemade raviolis, pierogies, and dumplings with this simple half-circle mold. Perfect for larger molds, it’s easy to produce consistent results every time. Made of stainless steel, this mold will have you moving quickly through batch after batch.
      ★ With the Sharp edge outside you can easily cut out the needed volume of dough. Put the dough on the upper side, slightly press down. Now you can add your favourite filling and close the ravioli mould. For safe closing you can brush the rim with egg yolk befor closing it.
      ★ Crafted of the finest 18/8 stainless steel that's dishwasher safe.
      ★ Large handles for ease of use.

    ★ Material: 18/8 Stainless Steel 
    ★ Package: 1* Ravioli mold 
    ★ Dimensions: 10"(L) x 5"(W) x 1.5"(H) ( Including the two handles) 
    ★ Product Weight: 7.68 ounces ( 1PC )
    ★ Shipping Weight: 9.93 ounces 

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