Wraptastic Dispenser

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Wraptastic Dispenser

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Wraptastic Dispenser fits all of your favorite brands of foil, plastic, wax paper and more. Designed with superior efficiency in mind, this plastic wrap dispenser is a must-have for every busy kitchen.

When you're preparing your menu for the week and want to wrap foods in advance for later preparation, this food wrap dispenser can help you store just the right size portions for all of your favorite recipes. After baking cookies or breads, store the extras or wrap some up in foil or plastic to give to a neighbor.

Wraptastic Dispenser is an ideal solution for all of your culinary needs, from baking to roasting to freezing.

Directions for Inserting a New Roll

1 - Remove roll from original packaging.

2 - Insert spring loaded caps into each end of the paper tube by squeezing tabs and gently twisting.

3 - Place roll into Wraptastic cutting device with wrap coming over the top.

Directions for Use:

1 - Open lid to grasp edges of wrap.

2 - Pull wrap to desired length.

- Close lid and cut wrap by pressing firmly on both sides.

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